There’s nothing a new mother likes more than being told how to please her husband – right?

A Japanese city learned the hard way this week how very wrong they were, after prompting national outrage over flyers that tried to do just that.

Onomichi city, in Japan’s Hiroshima prefecture, conducted a public survey in 2017 that was used to create flyers for pregnant women later distributed to local residents, according to the city government’s website.

“There are differences in the way men and women feel and think,” one flyer reads. “One of the reasons for this is the structural difference in the brains of men and women. It is known that men act based on theories, while women act based on emotions.”

“The important thing is to understand each others’ differences and divide roles well,” it added, before stating that husbands and new fathers like to be thanked for carrying out basic tasks such as washing the dishes, changing diapers, and holding their child.

Wives may irritate their husbands if they are “busy taking care of the baby and not doing chores” the flyer said, advising women not to “get frustrated for no reason.”

It concluded that there are many things new mothers can do to please their husbands, including giving them massages, preparing their lunch every day, handling the childcare and housework, greeting them with a “welcome home,” and always having “a smile on her face.”

Local media reports this week drew attention to the flyers, with social media promptly erupting in anger and disbelief.

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